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--- Comment #6 from Raphael Kubo da Costa <kubo at profusion.mobi>  2012-03-15 07:00:44 PST ---
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> Source/WebKit/efl/ewk/ewk_custom_handlers.cpp:29
> +    Ewk_Custom_Handlers_Data* data = new Ewk_Custom_Handlers_Data();

Please use "new Foo" instead of "new Foo()".

>>> Source/WebKit/efl/ewk/ewk_custom_handlers.cpp:46
>>> +bool ewk_custom_handlers_register_protocol_handler(Evas_Object* ewkView, const char* scheme, const char* baseUrl, const char* url, const char* title)
>> By the way, this file uses ewkView though this file is not ewk_view_xxx file. As you know, ewk files use only ewkView object in ewk_view files. I think we need to discuss how to process this structure. In my humble opinion, there are three methods.
>>  1. Fire a signal in ChromeClientEfl.
>>      : Bug 73544 submitted a patch to send a signal in WebCoreSupport.
>>  2. Move only this function to ewk_view.cpp
>>  3. This file has an own structure, which has a view object dependency.
>> It seems to me 1 is most simple method for now.
> If it is ok, I prefer this way, as well.
> Call a smart_callback in the ChromeClientEfl.cpp file.

That sounds good to me as well. This we can even get rid of this file and just do everything in ChromeClientEfl::registerProtocolHandler.

> Source/WebKit/efl/ewk/ewk_custom_handlers.cpp:50
> +    evas_object_smart_callback_call(ewkView, "protocolhandler,register", static_cast<void*>(data));

Please document this signal in ewk_view.h.

> Source/WebKit/efl/ewk/ewk_custom_handlers.h:36
> +struct _Ewk_Custom_Handlers_Data {
> +    const char *target;
> +    const char *base_url;
> +    const char *url;
> +    const char *title;
> +};

Would be good to have some documentation on what these fields mean and how to use these new features.

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