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--- Comment #4 from hojong.han at samsung.com  2012-03-09 17:42:17 PST ---
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> You're correct that this is a regression as per the spec, but the way in which you've fixed this regression is probably not the way we want to go. The code you've modified was pulled in from an upstream open source repository (http://code.google.com/p/double-conversion/), and we probably want to leave it alone as much as possible. Also, the fact that we can ignore trailing junk strings at the end of otherwise valid numbers if we so choose is a feature, not a bug.
> As you've already figured out, the issue is that the place that calls strtod expects parsing trailing junk strings to return NaN, but we're ignoring these trailing junk strings and just returning the valid prefix. Instead of removing the ability to ignore junk strings, as your current patch does, we need to pass the correct AllowJunkStringTag value to strtod when calling jsToNumber.

I totally agree with your explanation on AllowJunkStringTag, but I was deeply wondering if 'e' or 'E' without signed decimal digits should be considered as trailing junk or not. I decided at that time it's not trailing junk but obvious parsing error.
Isn't it correct that additional things, only after signed decimal digits, are regarded as junk in case of parsing exponential part?? I want you to make it sure this one more time.

And I cannot find what you want me to check at (http://code.google.com/p/double-conversion/). Could you let me know more specific URL or something?

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