[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 80673] Type conversion of exponential part failed

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--- Comment #5 from Mark Hahnenberg <mhahnenberg at apple.com>  2012-03-09 17:48:50 PST ---
> I totally agree with your explanation on AllowJunkStringTag, but I was deeply wondering if 'e' or 'E' without signed decimal digits should be considered as trailing junk or not. I decided at that time it's not trailing junk but obvious parsing error.
> Isn't it correct that additional things, only after signed decimal digits, are regarded as junk in case of parsing exponential part?? I want you to make it sure this one more time.

According to the ECMA 262 spec section 9.3.1, if you have an exponential, you must have either 'e' or 'E' which must be always followed by a decimal string. You can compare our behavior with Chrome or Firefox.

> And I cannot find what you want me to check at (http://code.google.com/p/double-conversion/). Could you let me know more specific URL or something?

Nothing to look at there, I was just showing you the upstream project I was referencing.

I actually have a patch ready to go for this which fixes a couple other things that were wrong too, so don't worry about submitting a new patch. Thanks for reporting this bug!

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