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--- Comment #25 from Daniel Drake <dsd at laptop.org>  2012-06-14 12:58:29 PST ---
Thanks for the review. Yes, I'll post a new patch.

(In reply to comment #24)
> > Source/WebKit/gtk/webkit/webkitwebview.cpp:2605
> > +     * This signal is emitted when the user interacts with a <input
> > +     * type='file' /> HTML element, requesting from WebKit to show
> > +     * a dialog to select one or more files to be uploaded. To let the
> > +     * application know the details of the file chooser, as well as to
> > +     * allow the client application to either cancel the request or
> > +     * perform an actual selection of files, the signal will pass an
> > +     * instance of the #WebKitFileChooserRequest in the @request
> > +     * argument.
> I miss a comment about the lifecycle of the FileChooserRequest object and how to handle this async. If I want to handle this signal asynchronously, do I ref the request, return TRUE and then call its select_files() method when I have the chosen files? If that's the case (and it seems to be from my quick inspection of the default handler), then I think the API looks good, but having this spelled out here would help =).

This was just a copy/paste from the WebKit2 gobject API. Mario, can you help me answer this? Is Gustavo's interpretation correct?

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