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--- Comment #11 from Adenilson Cavalcanti Silva <savagobr at yahoo.com>  2012-06-13 20:18:11 PST ---

Thanks a lot for your comments, I will upload a patch with fixes.

I have just 1 question: about the indentation in QWebPermissionRequestPrivate constructor. Do you want all parameters to be in 1 single line?

If I understood correctly, from the webkit coding sytle, it says: "Each member (and superclass) should be indented on a separate line, with the colon or comma preceding the member on that line." and has an example similar to the patch.

Next, about the constructor: currently it has 4 parameters. I can see that if in future we need to treat more permission types, it would make sense to have multiple constructors. But ATM, there are only 2 permission types, so I feel that the code will be simpler (i.e. less member functions) in this way.

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