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--- Comment #53 from KwangYong Choi <ky0.choi at samsung.com>  2012-08-20 03:43:30 PST ---
As I know, there are three kinds of input type. One is file, another is color and the other is date and time related. These types are handled differently in webkit. File type is using file chooser(openPanel), color type is using color chooser(has own proxy) and the others are handled as text field.

So, I think, it's required three kinds of api; the api for file input type, the api for color input type and the api for other types. This patch is one of these apis for color input type.

Date and time picker can be implemented by 1 api which is set the value. But color picker has 2 apis. One is set the value and the other is close the color chooser. It's allowed to call set api multiple times before close the color chooser. I think it's a difference between EFL and QT.

Why I am not make it as WK2 C api is because I'm not sure it's required for all ports. I'm working on EFL port and it's required, so I just implemented it for EFL. Actually, it's been implemented for Tizen first. I think it can be contributed, so I uploaded this patch.

As you mentioned, file picker, color picker and the date and time picker is most what we need for now. File picker and date and time picker should be implemented for EFL soon.

Rest of the types in ewk_view.h like tel, number, email, etc are for the reserved use. These values can be used by application, in the future. I may remove these values for now, and add again when these values are used.

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