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--- Comment #48 from Gyuyoung Kim <gyuyoung.kim at samsung.com>  2012-08-19 08:50:06 PST ---
(In reply to comment #47)
> When developers adds new features to WebCore, they have to write layout tests at the same patch. With EFL API, we should do the same. The only exception would be if, before landing this patch, the bug for the utests has a patch with r+. That was my case when I was writing ColorPicker for Qt and the reason I did that was because the test was QML and had to be reviewed by a QML expert.
> New EFL features without tests should not be accepted anymore. We have a pretty decent test framework, bots are running the tests for every commit, documentation about how to write tests, etc.
> Untested features are a nightmare when things start to fail, you are completely clueless about where to start looking. EFL WK2 is new, we have unique opportunity to have an API with 100% of test coverage.

Yes, we should add new feature with test case. I agree with your opinion 100%. But, recently some other patches weren't added with test cases AFAIK. I just didn't want to add new files because this patch was already reviewed many things. As you guys had added test cases in new bug (For example, Bug 90454), I think this patch can have a new bug for unit test because unit test problem wasn't addressed so far. Of course, I say again, I agree to land new functionality with test cases from now.

Because it looks many efl contributors don't know this issue well yet, please notify this to webkit-efl well.

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