[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 55719] [Qt][WK2] Make Qt port compiling with ENABLE_PLUGIN_PROCESS=1

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Fri Mar 4 00:50:22 PST 2011


--- Comment #5 from Oleg Romashin (:romaxa) <romaxa at gmail.com>  2011-03-04 00:50:22 PST ---
> Where are the changelogs? Did you run check-webkit-style and prepare-ChangeLog? Please consult the wikipages on how to contribute to WebKit
sorry, I'm just trying to check this patch on other platforms, so that is why it is marked as WIP

> > +webkit2:INCLUDEPATH *= $$OUTPUT_DIR/include/WebKit2 $$OUTPUT_DIR/WebKit2/generated
> Don't we have these generated included somewhere else?

By some reason no, I did not get why it does not work, and found only this way to make it works, if you have any ideas what other place better for this include please share.

> > +#if PLATFORM(MAC)
> >  void PluginControllerProxy::setComplexTextInputEnabled(bool complexTextInputEnabled)
> So we will not support input methods? Actuallu you are saying that no other platform that Mac will support this. I guess this should be #if !PLATFORM(QT) instead

Not sure, I can make Qt method with notImplemented  entry, probably it make more sense for future development

> > Source/WebKit2/PluginProcess/PluginProcess.cpp:133
> >  
> >  void PluginProcess::createWebProcessConnection()
> >  {
> > +#if PLATFORM(MAC)
> >      // FIXME: This is platform specific!
> Maybe this should be integrated into a PluginProcessMac instead?

Not sure about this stuff yet, just got separate process create, but did not get where and how these specific things need to be initialized

> > Source/WebKit2/Scripts/webkit2/messages.py:454
> > +    headers = {
> > +        '"%s"' % messages_header_filename(receiver): None,
> > +        '"HandleMessage.h"': None,
> This patch is very hard to review as there is no changelog explaining why you are making these changes...

messages.py part already attached for review in separate dependent bug 55658 ....

that is about teaching IPC stub generator to use ifdefs for forward headers related to ifdef-ed methods

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