[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 53359] Web Inspector: Allow the console to persist on page refresh or navigation

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--- Comment #5 from Pavel Feldman <pfeldman at chromium.org>  2011-06-09 05:03:28 PST ---
> 1. I've moved the "Preserve Log upon Navigation" button to global scope (so the setting is now shared by the Network and Console panels). There might be an expectation that this will also be honoured for other panels (Timeline? Resources?), but currently, it has no effect on them.

This is a bit confusing.

> 2. In the Timeline panel, there's already a similar looking button, which makes for ugly UI, since now both buttons are visible. I'd like to change the glyph of the preserve-log button to something else, but don't have good ideas (perhaps a padlock icon?). Any UI design help would be appreciated!

We don't have a dedicated designer, so you should do your best :)

> 3. I've added a new "frameNavigated" message just so that the frontend can determine whether to request the backend to clear messages. Is there a way to query the WebInspector.preserveLog property directly from the backend? If so, we could get rid of this message altogether.

I am not sure there is a need for this. There is a number of frameNavigated signals in the front-end already. We should always clear backend objects (as per Yury's comment above), but conditionally wipe them out on the front-end side. As a result, pre-navigation objects will be "dead" (non-expandable, not pointing to any page instances), but still visible in the UI.

I'd suggest that you add a checkbox to the console context menu (the one next to the XHR logging toggle) in order not to mess with the UI challenges for now. I don't see anything wrong with the patch code-wise, but I'll r- it until we figure out the UI bit + object lifetime.

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