[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 51897] Escape should clear search field

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Thu Jul 14 22:34:41 PDT 2011


--- Comment #17 from Kentaro Hara <haraken at google.com>  2011-07-14 22:34:41 PST ---
> On Mac escape should only clear the search field if we already have dismissed the menu.

I manually confirmed on Mac Safari 5.0.5 that the search field is cleared only if we have dismissed the menu, using the following html:

<input type="search" value="Test" results="20" onsearch="alert('onsearch')" />

> With search fields on the upper-right corner of Xcode and Safari 5, escape key dismisses a menu and doesn't clear the text.

Thanks, I confirmed it. 

FYI: However, with search fields on the upper-right corner of "System Preferences", escape key clears the text even if a menu is being displayed.

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