[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 30862] Dynamically inserted subresources aren't revalidated even when the containing document is reloaded

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--- Comment #25 from Alexander Romanovich <alex at sirensclef.com>  2011-02-02 14:35:29 PST ---
Dan, that may be, but what's more important is seeing if the desired behavior is described in the spec so that all browsers can comply with a common and reliable cross-browser solution. If WebKit is following standards with this, it'd be difficult to get the suggestion here implemented.

As a web developer, I'd also love to see this fixed. But there are some things that would need to be settled. For example, if reloading a page instructs a Javascript application to always revalidate resources it requests, that state would presumably not end. If we're talking about a long-running JS application, then every single lazy-load request would force a round trip to the server, indefinitely. This might be a particular problem with applications that routinely lazy-load images, more so than scripts.

The other point I was making is that it seems beneficial to allow your Javascript application to somehow know if a resource needs to be revalidated because the main resource was refreshed. Then you could make this decision for yourself on a resource-by-resource basis. Maybe someone with more knowledge about what behavior browsers are supposed to be following on both these points could shed more light.

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