[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 30862] Dynamically inserted subresources aren't revalidated even when the containing document is reloaded

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--- Comment #24 from Brady Eidson <beidson at apple.com>  2011-02-02 14:33:06 PST ---
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> > But destroying a user-centric optimization 
> I'm not exactly sure what you're referring to here, but I don't buy the explanation that there's no way to reliably mark all resources that are loaded to a page (regardless of how they got there) as needing to be re-validated on the next refresh. It may not be the algorithm I specified, but I think there must be some way to do it. It seems like it must be possible to just say "list all the files in the active cache which are (or have been) loaded in A, and let's re-validate that list of files."
> I'm not sure why you're insisting on making this an "us vs. them" thing between web developers and end-users. I feel like there must be a way to satisfy the needs of this use-case in an amicable way for both parties.

Nowhere in my comment did I see this bug was invalid, or that we can't resolve it while also preserving a very important performance optimization for end users.

My comment was in reply to 3 comments - with an obvious "web developer" bias - who suggested that it IS worthwhile to destroy a very important end user optimization to make the life of web developers easier.

Both camps can be accommodated here.  I was merely intending to put up resistance the growing "web developers are clearly more important" momentum.

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