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--- Comment #28 from Adam Barth <abarth at webkit.org>  2011-12-02 15:55:43 PST ---
At a higher level, it's not possible to add a new HTML element in a satellite specification.  Doing so requires changing the HTML specification, which means you need to engage with the community around that specification.  You can take your pick of the WhatWG or the W3C HTML working group.  Both are actively engaged in charting the future course of HTML.

More specifically:

1) Adding a new HTML element is not a slam dunk.  Everyone thinks their feature ought to have a new element.  Sometimes that's a good idea and sometimes it's not.

2) The correct forum for coming to consensus on that topic is the HTML working group, not a bug thread.  Before landing code in WebKit trunk that adds a new HTML element (even behind an ifdef), you should discuss the topic with the HTML working group.  You don't necessarily need to convince the working group out of the gate, but you should at least engage with them.

3) Before modifying the HTML parser, we require the corresponding change to already have been made in the HTML specification.  This has been the standard operating procedure for that code since we re-wrote it to match the spec.  Yes, this can be annoying, but it's important to ensure we don't diverge from the spec.

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