[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 25444] SelectionStart, selectionEnd properties return wrong values when the selection is in a form input

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Fri Nov 5 19:03:36 PDT 2010


--- Comment #12 from Julie Jeongeun Kim <jiyuluna at gmail.com>  2010-11-05 19:03:36 PST ---
Sorry that I missed your comment.
Please check my inline comment.
If you have no concern about my comment, I'll update the patch according to my answer.

(In reply to comment #11)
> "sNode" is not a good name - if "s" prefix ever means anything, that's "static".
I'll change it to "shadowAncestor".

> > A comment in HTMLInputElement.idl says that this is a WinIE & FireFox extension. Is that wrong?
> > Please fix either the comment or the test.
> You addressed this comment, but without answering the question directly. Did you find out that selectionStart/selectionEnd work in IE, after all? Does the final test pass in both Firefox and IE?
FF(I used FF3.6.11) works fine but IE(I used IE7) doesn't work.
It's not only for IE and FF.
So, I think the comment should be removed.
It you have no concern about that, I'll remove the comment in 'HTMLInputElement.idl'.

> +        if (elt.selectionStart == s1 && elt.selectionEnd == e1)
> +            endResult = 1;
> +        else
> +            endResult = 0;
> Doesn't this mean that the overall PASS/FAIL result only depends on the last subtest?
I'll update it to check the previous test. So, if the previous test fails, the test will be stopped.

> +        if (window.layoutTestController) {
> +            layoutTestController.waitUntilDone();
> +        }
> No need for waitUntilDone/notifyDone - the test runs from onload, and doesn't set any timeouts. I'd also suggest putting dumpAsText at the very beginning of the script, so that it's executed during parsing.

Yes. I'll remove it.

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