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--- Comment #18 from Antti Koivisto <koivisto at iki.fi>  2010-03-03 07:13:01 PST ---

> As commented elsewhere I think it makes sense to use IntPoint here and make it
> hashable. IIRC you were worried there could be confusion about the coordinate
> space, but we could make a typedef to a better name instead of creating a new
> class.

Yep. I added hashing support for IntPoint in bug 35586.

> Seems like it would be faster to just iterate through the tiles (which should
> be a lot less than the total amount of individual coordinates) and just check
> if they intersect dirtyRect? or is tileAt + hashing faster than that? :) This
> also applies to a couple other places fwiw...

This is most efficient for small updates (like say animated gifs). What you
suggest would be more efficient for large updates. Anyway, this can be
optimized later if needed.

> >+            if (distance > shortestDistance)
> >+                continue;
> >+            if (distance < shortestDistance) {
> else if?

Unnecessary after continue (and against coding style too).

> nitpick, but you can just do the for loop and requiredTileCount-- on each
> iteration.

Sure but why? It would be slower. Please limit nitpicking to stuff that makes
sense. :)

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