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--- Comment #26 from Kenneth Rohde Christiansen <kenneth.christiansen at openbossa.org>  2009-09-08 06:34:14 PDT ---

> > +void QWebGraphicsItemPrivate::_q_doScroll(int dx, int dy, const QRect& rectToScroll)
> > +{
> > +    q->scroll(qreal(dx), qreal(dy), QRectF(rectToScroll));
> > +}
> I found out that this does not really work if I subclass QWebGraphicsItem.
> An example: I have my customized QWebGraphicsItem that clips the painting so
> that the corners are rounded. When this function is invoked, say scrolling
> vertically, the whole painted item is scrolled, meaning the bottom rounded
> corners are also scrolled. The correct thing of course that the _contents_ of
> the web page is scrolled, not merely the item.
> The real fix would be to call update, instead of scroll. I understand that this
> is optimization issue, but I'd rather have a correctly painted item than a fast
> but garbage one.

According to Alexis, you are supposed to reimplement

QPainterPath QGraphicsItem::shape () const   [virtual]

to not return a rectangular shape anymore, but the shape of the item with
clipping. This is also used for events (the clipped area should be able to
receive events), collision detection, and the QGraphicsScene::items() function.

If thsi doesn't work, it can be considered a graphics view bug, I suspect.

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