[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 28862] [Qt][API] Add a new QGraphicsWidget based version of the "QWebView"

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--- Comment #25 from Simon Hausmann <hausmann at webkit.org>  2009-09-08 06:25:53 PDT ---
(In reply to comment #23)
> I'd like to suggest the following coarse of action:
>  Rather than assuming that the viewer of a web page is a particular kind of
> class, be it QWebView, QWidget, QGraphicsSomething, etc, lets do this:
> replace
> QWidget* view()
> with
> QSomeCoolSoundingName *view()
> where 
> class QSomeCoolSoundingName:public QObject
> {
> public:
>  virtual QRect windowRect();
>  virtual void focus();
>  virtual void unfocus();
>  virtual void show(); 
>  virtual void repaint(const QRect& windowRect, bool contentChanged, bool
> immediate, bool repaintContentOnly);
>  virtual void scroll(const QRect& delta, const QRect& scrollViewRect, const
> QRect& clipRect);
>  virtual void setToolTip(const String &tip);
>  //BIG mystery here:
>  virtual QWidget* platformWindow() const;
> };
> then a QWebPage gets a pointer to a view() object. When one uses QtWebKit, then
> one provides such an object whose implementation one writes for one's way of
> displaying and handling display. This way those insisting on QWidget can be
> supported via old style QWebView, newer implementations can have
> QGraphicsWebView, and others can customize any way they like subject to their
> needs.
> With the exception to platformWindow(), all of the above are quite obvious on
> what to write if one is using a QGraphicsSomething to draw, or even to a
> QPixmap as part of a something else.
> The biggest offender is ChromeClientQt.cpp, but there are some others:
> DragClientQt.cpp, EditorClientQt.cpp, FrameLoaderClientQt.cpp,
> InspectorClientQt.cpp

It sounds okay to me to introduce this class, but I would prefer to keep it
internal and not make it part of the public API initially. It seems more
sensible to me to utilize it as internal interface first to abstract away the
difference between QWebGraphicsItem and QWebView.

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