[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 26120] Honor Desired Weight and Italic State for Fonts in Windows Cairo Build

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------- Comment #7 from lunaris at tmax.co.kr  2009-06-21 03:59 PDT -------
r44268 from Bug 21492 corrected the problem of Korean bold font rendering. 
Thank you. 

The changes to the matchImprovingEnumProc() is just a little optimization. 

Currently, matchImprovingEnumProc enumerates all fonts proposed by GDI.
If it don't need to improve anything other than italic & weight, it can
be stopped when it's proposed same weight & italic by GDI. 

Sorry for the bugs in the changes. First if block need to be modified 
to return 1 when firstMatch is true to keep original logic. 
(candidate is always chosen in first match) And, in second if block, 
the change removes all '!' operators comparing lfitalic fields, 
but it is my mistake. The original code implies much more complex 
(and hard to understand) logic. 

I think it's better to keep current matchImprovingEnumProc() if there's
no clear evidence it slows down font creation. 

But, about the other changes to creatGDIFont(), I still wonder why we
have to embolden manually' during font rendering. Cairo looks to be able
to handle synthetic bold rendering by itself.  

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