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------- Comment #21 from ojan at chromium.org  2009-06-19 18:22 PDT -------
Ack. Sorry about that huge comment message. Having tooling issues.

Thanks for getting back to me Mitz. The distinction you make between the
editing and computedStyle uses of CSSComputedStyleDeclaration clarifies a lot.
Splitting the classes up seems reasonable to me. For example,
copyInheritableProperties is only used from editing code and the work it does
actually doesn't seem appropriate for the computedStyle use-case.

That said, in this patch, for the sake of getting this performance issue fixed,
I just did the straightforward thing you suggested initially of adding

Long-term, I'm still concerned about future code that might have a mismatch
between copyInheritableProperties and CSSStyleDeclaration::diff. One 
simple-ish solution to that would be if CSSMutableStyleDeclaration had a
fontSizeWasSetFromKeyWord bit, or something like that. Then we asserted in
CSSStyleDeclaration::diff that the fontSizeWasSetFromKeyWord bits of the two
declarations matched. How does that sound?

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