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--- Comment #231 from Christian Dywan <christian at twotoasts.de>  2009-07-15 04:58:48 PDT ---
> > 2. I am as Free Software community as you are, and know that Epiphany, Midori,
> > Empathy, Devhelp are very happily using WebKitGTK+, despite whatever you think.
> [...]
>  so, epiphany, midori, empathy and devhelp are quite happily using
>  webkitgtk+ but they are not using python, vala or any other dynamic 
>  language (other than javascript)  to manipulate the DOM model in any way,
>  shape or form.

You misunderstand. DOM binding in the sense of the motivation of this bug
report is about C language bindings. Hence the mentioned projects are unable to
 manipulate the DOM other than via javascript in exactly the same way as any
python or vala application is.

> > 3. You, as always, see your project as the most important thing on earth, 
>  ahh, there, now, you're making assumptions, which is always a bad idea,
>  and as an experienced free software developer, i am surprised that you
>  would make such assumptions.
> [...]

Please quit commenting in this overly verbose and disruptive fashion, as Xan
requested, and as was requested before. You are free to open up a personal
website and post rants there, but keep it short in bugzilla. Thanks.

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