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------- Comment #54 from zuh at iki.fi  2009-01-12 04:31 PDT -------
(In reply to comment #53)
> (In reply to comment #51)
> > Roughly speaking, it looks good, but I don't see any reason to tie the codec
> > changes with the others.
> Darin, first of all, thanks for the positive feedback. 
> I am not sure if I understand how you see the codec changes separate from the
> rest of the patch. Could you explain in a little more detail? 

He probably means that the changes could be split to allow individual review,
not the whole 78kB of it :)

On another issue, I guess related to comment #50, there's something that
introduces a seemingly infinite loop with the glib code. I haven't been able to
make real sense of it, but at least it's easy to reproduce:

1. Load google.com
2. type something to the search field (I think it needs to be > somecount
chars, but not sure. 1234567890 should work)
3. go back to the beginning of the line and try typing additional text there
4. consistently, glib backend goes in to a busyloop while icu does not

I've tried to print some debugs from the iterator constructor, but haven't seen
anything exceptionally funny in there (but I admit that I'm not terribly well
aware of what is actually happening there...).

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