[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 15914] [GTK] Implement Unicode functionality using GLib

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------- Comment #53 from dominik.roettsches at access-company.com  2009-01-12 03:23 PDT -------
(In reply to comment #51)
> Roughly speaking, it looks good, but I don't see any reason to tie the codec
> changes with the others.

Darin, first of all, thanks for the positive feedback. 
I am not sure if I understand how you see the codec changes separate from the
rest of the patch. Could you explain in a little more detail? 
TextCodecGtk.cpp and TextCodecGtk.h are new in this patch, not modifying old
code and essential to the overall functioning of this patch. On the one hand,
on their own in a separate patch they wouldn't add anything functional and on
the other hand, the changes in TextEncodingRegistry.cpp for example wouldn't
work without these new files. 
Maybe my Changelog entry
+        TextCodecGtk now supports partially transmitted multibyte characters.
is misleading. TextCodecGtk was only existing in prior versions of the patch,
it didn't exist in the trunk before. 

So from my point view the patch cannot be split into codec changes / other
changes - but I might have misunderstood your comment.

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