[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 23156] cant alignt text to the right using right shift and right ctrl

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------- Comment #7 from mitz at webkit.org  2009-01-07 22:39 PDT -------
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> Sorry again, I forgot describing it in this thread. (I'm mixed this thread and
> another internal discussion.)
> Maybe we are somewhat misunderstanding WebKit, however, we mapped a Right Ctrl
> + Right Shift key combination to this executeMakeTextDirectionLeftToRight()
> function in our EditorClientImpl::handleKeyboardEvent() implementation but it
> did not change the "dir" attribute and caused the original problem.
> So, I assumed this function should change the "dir" attribute as I wrote in my
> previous response.
> If this mapping is wrong, is it possible to give us better mapping functions?
> (To read the _changeBaseWritingDirectionTo, it seems to call the
> Editor::setBaseWritingDirection() function. Nevertheless, I'm not sure I'm
> correct.)

Yes, I think the correct mapping for the Ctrl+Shift (or equivalent) actions is
to Editor::setBaseWritingDirection(). That function has specific code to set
the 'dir' DOM attribute on text entry elements. It is also the function that
implements the Writing Direction submenu of the context menu you get when you
right-click in a text entry element or in editable HTML. I think Ctrl+Shift
should have the same effect as choosing the appropriate item from the context
menu, so it follows that it should call in to the same function.

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