[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 23156] cant alignt text to the right using right shift and right ctrl

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Wed Jan 7 19:32:50 PST 2009


------- Comment #2 from hbono at chromium.org  2009-01-07 19:32 PDT -------
Sorry not to have describe its details.
This bug technically consists of two bugs:
1. We need to change the Windows convention of CTRL+SHIFT keys, including
adding methods to distinguish left keys and right keys;
2. The WebCore::executeMakeTextDirectionLeftToRight() function (in
EditorCommand.cpp) does not change the "dir" attribute of the selected node, as
the Editor::setBaseWritingDirection() function does. It only changes its CSS
attributes, such as "--webkit-direciton". So, the function causes a serious
inconsistency between DOM attributes and CSS properties.

To fix the second bug, we need to:
(a) Change the WebCore::executeMakeTextDirectionLeftToRight() function to call
the Editor::setBaseWritingDirection() function to change the writing direction,
(b) Add code to the function to change the DOM attributes.

Even though I have confirmed either option work, I would like to ask you which
option is better.


Hironori Bono

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