[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 21991] Add Scons-based build system for Chromium's WebKit build into webkit.org

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Tue Nov 4 05:42:11 PST 2008


------- Comment #8 from timothy at hatcher.name  2008-11-04 05:42 PDT -------
+  'kjs/debugger.cpp',
+  'kjs/DebuggerCallFrame.cpp',

This is out-of-date with TOT, these files and others have been renamed or moved

Also why do we need this? I thought Chromium didn't use JavaScriptCore?

Why does JavaScriptCore and jsc shell need to be separate? Shouldn't we just
make both all the time? Or is that what SConstruct does? Is SConstruct the
required name? Because as-is, it is not self-evident.

Is it possible to build jsc.scons without JavaScriptCore.scons? I don't see an
indication of dependancy. (I also don't know a bit about Scons.)

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