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------- Comment #18 from iain at openedhand.com  2008-05-14 04:09 PDT -------

> Failing that, I have looked at the work that Iain has done on clutter webkit
> integration, which can be found here:
> http://folks.o-hand.com/iain/git/WebKit
> It seems that the approach was basically to clone the gtk back-end to make a
> new clutter back-end, then add the clutter back-end target everywhere that it
> was needed (a lot of places).  It looks like a significant reworking of the gtk
> back-end was required, making this both a lot of work and somewhat of a
> challenge to maintain going forward.  (I might be misunderstanding or
> overstating this, so Iain please feel free to jump in if this characterization
> isn't accurate).

It actually wasn't a lot of work, maybe 2 days to get it working, and then a
few things tweaked here and there for fix some bugs. (Bearing in mind I was
starting from a point of not being familiar with the internal code at all)

Maintaining it isn't much work either to be honest. Git is very good for
merging upstream and I guess its as much work as maintaining any backend port.

> We also looked at the earlier approach that was taken for clutter, and which
> can be found here:
> http://svn.o-hand.com/repos/clutter/trunk/clutter-webkit/
> This method didn't seem to work for what clutter needed, and was abandoned. 
> The patch to webkitwebframe.h/cpp was very straightforward, and seemed
> promising at least from the standpoint of getting something to show up in our
> environment.  But enough has changed in webkit/gtk that this patch doesn't work
> anymore.

While it is very simple, there's many many places where it simply won't work
which make it useless for anything other than displaying static HTML and it was
quite a processor hog as it redrew the entire widget even if nothing changed.

> do what Iain has done with clutter integration.  We're not too excited about
> the latter approach, but we're wondering if that is our only option.

If you want a fully functional web browser then that is your only option I'm
afraid to say.

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