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Please add us to the group of people who want to integrate webkit using a
custom back-end (in our case, OpenGL, or cairo on OpenGL).  I was excited to
find this bug and to see Alp's blog entry regarding webkit rendering to OpenGL:


I've been waiting anxiously to see if this API discussion would evolve, or if
some webkit->OpenGL patches would show up.

Failing that, I have looked at the work that Iain has done on clutter webkit
integration, which can be found here:


It seems that the approach was basically to clone the gtk back-end to make a
new clutter back-end, then add the clutter back-end target everywhere that it
was needed (a lot of places).  It looks like a significant reworking of the gtk
back-end was required, making this both a lot of work and somewhat of a
challenge to maintain going forward.  (I might be misunderstanding or
overstating this, so Iain please feel free to jump in if this characterization
isn't accurate).

We also looked at the earlier approach that was taken for clutter, and which
can be found here:


This method didn't seem to work for what clutter needed, and was abandoned. 
The patch to webkitwebframe.h/cpp was very straightforward, and seemed
promising at least from the standpoint of getting something to show up in our
environment.  But enough has changed in webkit/gtk that this patch doesn't work

Assuming that we want to render webkit to OpenGL, and of course be able to
interact with the embedded webkit context in all the ways that an app hosting a
web view would need (pretty much what has been outlined above on this bug),
what is the best approach?  It seems like our current options are to wait for
progress on this bug (which doesn't seem to be getting much attention), or to
do what Iain has done with clutter integration.  We're not too excited about
the latter approach, but we're wondering if that is our only option.

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