[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 14867] Fails to scroll to top of page when loading URL w/ empty reference fragment

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------- Comment #3 from yuzhu.shen at gmail.com  2008-03-10 22:05 PDT -------
With <a href="#">, WebKit interprets the fragment identifier as a null string.

And then WebKit searches the anchor node in two steps: (in bool
FrameLoader::gotoAnchor(const String& name))
1) searches any node whose id attribute is the same as the fragment identifier.
   If the fragment identifier is a null string, it returns directly.

2) searches in a set of <a> elements that have name attributes, using
   It should be noted that namedItem() first searches for an object with a
matching id attribute. If a match is not 
found, the method then searches for an object with a matching name attribute.

   Consider the following node:
   <a name="anyname">...</a>
   Its id attribute is not specified (returned as a null string when querying
it). If we are searching with a null 
fragment identifier, it will match this node, no matter what its name attribute

As a result, clicking the "Goto Top" link in the page below will bring you to
the "youwillgethere" anchor but not the 
top of the page.

<a href="#">Goto Top</a>
<a name="youwillgethere">Oops!</a>

I will upload a patch soon.

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