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------- Comment #5 from marco.barisione at collabora.co.uk  2008-06-24 09:26 PDT -------
(In reply to comment #4)
>    - You want to handle "missingImage", "nullPlugin", "urlIcon",
> "textAreaResizeCorner".

For missingImage we want for sure to use the GTK icon. The other icons are
probably less important as they are less common, so maybe we can add them in a
second time.

Do you know when urlIcon and textAreaResizeCorner are used? I wasn't able to
figure that out reading the code.

>    - You certainly don't want to use missingImage for nullPlugin

Isn't it still better than nothing?

>    - The tricky part where I lack an answer is if we want to install the webkit
> icons for the above somewhere? Should we embed them in the code? Does the fdo
> icon theme spec have some icons we could reuse?

Probably yes for the urlIcon but I don't know when it's used so I don't know
what is the best icon for that.

The spec doesn't have anything for missingPlugin (and neither something for
plugins in general). I already talked with some tango icon designers about
this, probably the best thing is to get a plugin icon in the spec and use that.
I will open a bug on fd.o but probably it will take time, so maybe it's better
to ship an icon with WebKit for now.

textAreaResizeCorner doesn't seem like something that should be an icon, so I
think it's better to ship it with WebKit.

> style comments:
>    - We tend to do early exits in error cases instead of deeply nesting the
> success cases

I will fix this.

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