[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 19105] navigator.onLine property doesn't exist

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------- Comment #3 from bedney at technicalpursuit.com  2008-06-06 18:04 PDT -------
Here's some additional information which I should have attached to the previous

In my test environment, I'm testing the latest WebKit nightlies on both a Mac
and Windows XP (using Parallels on Mac).

In my first test, I fired up the Webkit nightly on XP, ran up my 'script
console' (my own invention - a simple wrapper around 'eval()') and typed in
'navigator.onLine'. It reported 'true', as expected.

Then, I disconnected the Parallels environment from its network adaptor. I
again typed 'navigator.onLine' - it reported 'true'... not what I expected. I
waited about 5 seconds and typed it again. This time it reported 'false' - what
I originally expected.

I then reconnected Parallels network adaptor, and tried 'navigator.onLine'
again - it continued to report false over and over again, no matter how long I
continued to try.

On the Mac side, 'navigator.onLine' reported true no matter whether I had
disconnected my Network via the Network Control Panel or not.


- Bill

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