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------- Comment #2 from bedney at technicalpursuit.com  2008-06-06 17:58 PDT -------
Guys -

While I wasn't the person who originally filed bug 11284, I pleaded and prodded
to get this fixed at the end of March. Anders Carlsson did the work as detailed


Unfortunately, its not really behaving how I think it should, based on the
HTML5 / WHAT.org specification. In bug 11284, Alexey Proskuryakov and I
discussed how this should work and I expressed my strong opinion that not only
should the navigator.onLine property toggle back and forth when the user has
chosen "Work Offline" (which, for some reason, is still not in the GUI for
Safari, even though Mozilla and IE have it...) but it should also toggle when
the network goes up or down.

In my 2008, AJAX-influenced world, I keep a lot of state in the page and I'm
doing partial page refreshes and data fetches via DHTML/AJAX. I'm not doing
whole 'page-refreshes' or 'page-loads'. Letting me know on the fly whether the
network connection is up or down would allow me to prompt the user to give them
the option to store the data to the SQL data store, the DOM data store or maybe
even generate a big JSON data structure and put it out to a 'mailto:' URL as an
emergency backstop to not lose data.

In fact, although the HTML5 / WHAT.org spec is a bit ambiguous about what -
exactly - constitutes being 'online' or 'offline', IE8 on Vista will respect
'network connectivity' as a reason to toggle this property (and to send the
online / offline events). I'm bugging Microsoft to see if they can make this
work on IE8 for XP.

Note that I'm also having the same discussion over on Mozilla's Bugzilla, since
this doesn't work for Firefox 3.0 either (incorrect documentation about how
this worked on FF 2.0 notwithstanding).

I'm adding Anders and Alexey as CC's on this bug. I hope you don't mind guys,
but I'd really like to get this sorted out.

Thanks to everyone who worked on this or cares about it!


- Bill

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