[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 20031] Implement ES 3.1 JSON object

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Tue Jul 15 03:27:38 PDT 2008


------- Comment #10 from mjs at apple.com  2008-07-15 03:27 PDT -------
I discussed this with Sam, Geoff and Oliver at the office today. Most of us
agreed that using the existing JavaScriptCore lexer along with a bison grammar
would be a better approach than an ad-hoc custom parser. Geoff also argued that
it would be better to use the full JS parser and then study the syntax tree to
ensure that it has no JSON violations, but the rest of us thought the existing
lexer plus a custom grammar would work better. (In theory though, I guess it
could create the same kinds of AST nodes as the full parser and thus the back
end could just consist of compiling and executing the resulting syntax tree. Or
alternately the grammar could directly create JS values and combine them, but
there might be GC problems with this approach).

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