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I think all I was trying to get across is that a combination of our competitors
(IE + Gecko based browsers which have much greater than 90% of the market
cornered) already use a refresh method that involves having to hold down a
modifier key to force a refresh that doesn't involve the cache. So there is
precedent for this behaviour. I still personally think a smoother refresh would
be give a better browsing experience to the majority. Anyone who thinks the
thought "I wonder if the reason I'm not seeing my CSS changes is due to the
browser retrieving from cache" is a power user who will look for a way to force
a full refresh.


Surely most people use the browser to browse sites not to develop sites? Anyone
who does develop sites is likely to have come across the Gecko behaviour of
needing to hold a modifier key to perform a full refresh (as which web
developer wouldn't check their sites compatibility in Firefox/IE?) so I don't
think a change in the way Webkit does this will cause much confusion especially
if a menu/gui option is added for a full "forced refresh" not involving the
cache (as Dave Hyatt mentions).

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