[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 5760] Safari hangs when uploading files to certain php scripts

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> When I follow the above instructions, I am never able to reproduce this bug. 
> What am I doing wrong?  Is my count not accurate enough?  Am I waiting too
> long?  Am I not waiting long enough?  Does this only reproduce on servers on a
> local network instead of over the Internet?
> Please help me to reproduce the issue.

Okay, by watching packet counts and counting to 16/17, I was able to see the
following (this happens after I loaded the original page and then waited):

1. Server sends client FIN,ACK on connection #1.
2. Client sends server ACK on connection #1.
3. Form posted in Safari sends HTTP POST to server on connection #1.
4. Client sends FIN,ACK on connection #1.
5. Client sends SYN on new connection #2.
6. Server sends *6* RST on connection #1.
7. Server sends SYN,ACK on connection #2.
8. Client sends ACK on connection #2.
9. Client resends HTTP POST to server on connection #2.

Yeah, something weird is definitely going on.

Does it make a difference that I'm using a wireless connection instead of a
physical ethernet cable?

Does it make a difference that I'm hitting a site on the internet (where TCP/IP
is involved and I'm going through a firewall) versus hitting a local server
(where only TCP may be  involved)?

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