[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 10015] objects with TYPE="application/pdf" only use internal PDF image, don't use PDf plugins

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------- Comment #8 from rsherry at adobe.com  2007-04-17 10:35 PDT -------
I don't understand the assertion in (2); why shouldn't plug-ins have that
ability?  Plain text is a fundamental type, but the OS allows you to choose
what application it will launch for .txt files; why shouldn't the browser allow
the same for plug-ins?  It seems by that analogy (OS selecting a browser maps
to browser selecting a plug-in, HTML-handler maps to mimetype-handler) a
plug-in *should* be able to override anything.  The user choosing an
application that gets launched when .jpg files are double-clicked maps to the
user installing a plug-in that handles "image/jpg".

That said, though, your approach with Fundamental Types is logical and
consistent (and definitely better for performance).  I think that my main issue
was finding that NSImage's capabilities -- whatever they happened to be on that
system -- was determining Fundamental Image Types.  Perhaps we can have an
explicit list of fundamental image types in WebKit, rather than asking NSImage
what it can handle?

a. if it's on the list: NSImage gets it no questions asked
b. not on the list?  Ask plug-ins; if one handles it, it gets it
c. not a. or b.? Ask NSImage; if it handles it, it gets it
d. whatever we do now with non-image types

How does that sounds?

BTW, I definitely agree with (1); it always seemed like a bug to me that the
data was handled differently depending on how the mimetype was detected -- thus
omitting mimetypes was, to me, always a workaround and not a solution.

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