[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 10015] objects with TYPE="application/pdf" only use internal PDF image, don't use PDf plugins

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Tue Apr 17 05:02:59 PDT 2007


------- Comment #7 from hyatt at apple.com  2007-04-17 05:02 PDT -------
I think you're mixing up a few things with your last two comments.

(1) Properly supporting the content type as an override will not address any of
your issues.  It's a bug right now that if the type attribute is omitted that
we assume a plug-in should be used.  Once we close that bug, the same behavior
will start applying as though the content type was specified on a type
attribute.  In other words, we'll start checking the MIME type to see if it's
an image.

(2) Fundamental image types and fundamental document types should not be
overridable by plugins.  This would allow plugins to take over basic image
rendering and even HTML document or XML document rendering.  This is roughly
analogous to the way browsers will still display HTML on their own even if the
OS thinks another browser is registered as the default.

(3) Is PDF a fundamental image type?  As I said in an earlier comment, in my
opinion it isn't and could actually just be excluded from consideration as an
image when used in an <object> tag.

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