[webkit-reviews] review denied: [Bug 74221] Web Inspector: consider disabling network tracking while running the CPU profile : [Attachment 119153] Patch

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Wed Dec 14 01:37:41 PST 2011

Pavel Feldman <pfeldman at chromium.org> has denied Ilya Tikhonovsky
<loislo at chromium.org>'s request for review:
Bug 74221: Web Inspector: consider disabling network tracking while running the
CPU profile

Attachment 119153: Patch

------- Additional Comments from Pavel Feldman <pfeldman at chromium.org>
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> Source/WebCore/ChangeLog:7
> +	   As the result the CPU profiler's stats data are far away from the

Not that far, just skewed.

> Source/WebCore/inspector/front-end/NetworkManager.js:86
> +		   return;

Can this happen?

> Source/WebCore/inspector/front-end/NetworkManager.js:102
> +		   return;


> Source/WebCore/inspector/front-end/ProfileView.js:591
>	       ProfilerAgent.start();

You should proceed with the profiling from within the callback.

> Source/WebCore/inspector/front-end/ProfileView.js:594
> +	       WebInspector.networkManager.enableResourceTracking();


> Source/WebCore/inspector/front-end/ResourceTreeModel.js:50
> +    networkManager.enableResourceTracking();

You already enable resource tracking from the network manager constructor.

> Source/WebCore/inspector/front-end/ResourceTreeModel.js:51
> +    this._resourceTrackingWasDisabled = false;

There is probably no need to mirror the network manager state here.

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