[webkit-reviews] review denied: [Bug 20031] Implement ES 3.1 JSON object : [Attachment 30295] Patch to add JSON object - remove tabs

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Fri May 22 19:50:36 PDT 2009

Oliver Hunt <oliver at apple.com> has denied Husam Senussi <husam at senussi.com>'s
request for review:
Bug 20031: Implement ES 3.1 JSON object

Attachment 30295: Patch to add JSON object - remove tabs

------- Additional Comments from Oliver Hunt <oliver at apple.com>
I don't like this patch, while the JSON object itself is fine, i don't believe
it is necessary to use a yacc parser -- given the simplicity of the JSON
grammar i believe a hand coded recursive descent parser is likely to be faster,
with a little care i believe this will also make it easier to have the parser
avoid ever creating an AST in the case where we do not have custom reviver

(Addtionally this particular grammar tracks a lot of information that we track
in the normal JS grammar which is of no value to the JSON parser) -- I'm also
not entirely sure i like the lexer, but certainly i prefer it over the grammar
implementation.  We can in fact probably just use the literal parser we
preflight eval with to achieve this.

Sorry for the delay in reviewing.

If you want to discuss more directly i tend to be on #webkit as olliej fairly

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