[webkit-reviews] review requested: [Bug 23124] RTL: Directionality always reset on hard line break : [Attachment 31485] Added more thorough layout test

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Wed Jun 17 19:22:34 PDT 2009

Jeremy Moskovich <playmobil at google.com> has asked  for review:
Bug 23124: RTL:  Directionality always reset on hard line break

Attachment 31485: Added more thorough layout test

------- Additional Comments from Jeremy Moskovich <playmobil at google.com>
* layout test added to cover the case of top level unicode control char.
* fixed style issues.
* Added comment.
* Included layout test results.

Mitz: Are there any other tests you'd like me to add here?  If so I'd be
grateful if you could mention them explicitly.

This patch changes the output of a couple of layout tests but they all still
appear to pass.
Rendering of the new "complex" layout test is identical to IE except for the
strange behavior I highlighted in my previous comment (i.e. it looks different
for reasons unrelated to this patch).

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