[webkit-reviews] review requested: [Bug 28665] Inspector: Throws an Error on "null" : [Attachment 38447] [PATCH] One Possible Solution

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Sun Aug 23 00:04:03 PDT 2009

Joseph Pecoraro <joepeck at webkit.org> has asked	for review:
Bug 28665: Inspector: Throws an Error on "null"

Attachment 38447: [PATCH] One Possible Solution

------- Additional Comments from Joseph Pecoraro <joepeck at webkit.org>
No other falsey value causes wrapObject() to return a null value (NaN,
undefined, 0, '').  This solution tackles null before calling wrapObject. 
Another solution could be checking the result of wrapObject (wrapper).	And yet
another solution could handle null differently inside
InspectorController.wrapObject().  This approach seemed simplest.

Pavel, would there be a more appropriate solution?

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