[webkit-reviews] review requested: [Bug 27988] word-spacing style seems not to be honored : [Attachment 34311] Fixed indent size.

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Fri Aug 7 12:02:22 PDT 2009

Carol Szabo <carol.szabo at nokia.com> has asked  for review:
Bug 27988: word-spacing style seems not to be honored

Attachment 34311: Fixed indent size.

------- Additional Comments from Carol Szabo <carol.szabo at nokia.com>
Fixed indent size per guidelines.
The reason why I chose this fix is because I wanted to minimize differences
between the Qt implementation and the other implementations.
On most platforms letter spacing and word spacing is not handled like on Qt by
the platform font; hence most of the platform independent infrastructure is set
up for specifying platform fonts independent of word and letter spacing.
Furthermore the letter and word spacing attributes can be set on the platform
independent Font class via accessors that do not notify anybody such that the
platform dependent dependent Font framework is unaware of changes to those
properties hence the items in various caches cannot be updated.
The getQtFont function is only called from the font() function that I changed.
If moving my code to that function and adding to the function the two required
extra parameters makes everybody happy, I will do that but I did not see the
extra value (perhaps I do not understand the architecture enough). I tried to
keep SimpleFontData as consistent as possible between platforms. I hate
variations in interface based on platform, and I did not want to reinforce the
behavior already present in SimpleFontData.

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