[webkit-reviews] review requested: [Bug 20699] SVGPaintServer CleanUp : [Attachment 23712] SVGPaintServer cleanUp - pre fifth part

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Tue Sep 23 12:53:47 PDT 2008

Dirk Schulze <vbs85 at gmx.de> has asked Eric Seidel <eric at webkit.org> for review:
Bug 20699: SVGPaintServer CleanUp

Attachment 23712: SVGPaintServer cleanUp - pre fifth part

------- Additional Comments from Dirk Schulze <vbs85 at gmx.de>
This only a patch to discuss the next steps. I want to show what I think we
could do next.

I creat a new ImageBuffer to have a new GraphicsContext (save and restore could
be necessary for qt) to draw on.
I add the given path to the context, call applyStrokeStyleToContext() and call
strokeBoundingBox() on the GraphicsContext. Every platform has its own
strokeBoundingBox() implementation to create the boundingbox of a stroked path.

This should work for all platforms (don't know how to do it on Qt at the
Skia in Chromium seems to do it as well but duplicate some functions like
boundingboxes for normal paths.
After this changes, we can move strokeBBox() to RenderPath.cpp.

The old implementation seems not to create a new context on every call and try
to use an existing one, right? I tried something similar, it worked for Cg and
Cairo but qt seems to delete the QOainter to early.

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