[webkit-reviews] review granted: [Bug 9191] JS*ElementWrapperFactory should be autogenerated : [Attachment 21207] First try

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Tue May 20 14:27:38 PDT 2008

Eric Seidel <eric at webkit.org> has granted Julien Chaffraix
<julien.chaffraix at gmail.com>'s request for review:
Bug 9191: JS*ElementWrapperFactory should be autogenerated

Attachment 21207: First try

------- Additional Comments from Eric Seidel <eric at webkit.org>
Wow.  Totally awesome.

I assume you've diff'd the generated file from the old manual file to confirm
that there are no bad changes?

I think long term we want to move away from hacks in the perl file, and instead
use a more advanced data file for generation.  For example, you could encode
all of the information from the perl hashes in the htmltags.in file using
proper comments.  (Or we could turn things like htmltags.in into XML like
mozilla has for their bindings stuff.)

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