[webkit-reviews] review requested: [Bug 19091] Update CSS Transforms to latest spec : [Attachment 21185] Updated transforms patch

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Thu May 15 15:29:20 PDT 2008

Dean Jackson <dino at apple.com> has asked Dave Hyatt <hyatt at apple.com> for
Bug 19091: Update CSS Transforms to latest spec

Attachment 21185: Updated transforms patch

------- Additional Comments from Dean Jackson <dino at apple.com>
> In Transform3D.cpp:
> +Transform3D &Transform3D::function() {}
> Move the & to be with the return value, so:
> Transform3D& Transform3D::function() {}


> In CodeGeneratorObjC.pm:
> I don't understand this:
> -    return "CSSValue" if $parent eq "SVGColor";
> +    return "CSSValue" if $parent eq "SVGColor" or $parent eq "CSSValueList";

This is needed because the WebKitCSSTransformValue inherits from CSSValueList,
which isn't recognised as a base class, and therefore gets Node as a parent.
Code comes from Weinig.

> In DerivedSources.make:
>   VoidCallback \
> +	  WebKitCSSTransformValue \
>    WheelEvent \
> Double-check if tabs are actually used in that file.

Removed, although there are some others in there that are not my fault :)

> I see "KeyframeList" in this patch.  I think that was unintentional.	Can you

> remove it?


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