[webkit-reviews] review requested: [Bug 18662] Extend keyboard navigation : [Attachment 20923] Add directional navigation to WebCore

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Fri May 2 07:33:16 PDT 2008

Marco Barisione <marco.barisione at collabora.co.uk> has asked  for review:
Bug 18662: Extend keyboard navigation

Attachment 20923: Add directional navigation to WebCore

------- Additional Comments from Marco Barisione
<marco.barisione at collabora.co.uk>
I set the review ? flag because I need a review and some help but the patch is
not ready to be committed as is.

Some comments:
1) realLocation() is just an hack, I didn't find a better way to do it and atm
it doesn't work with iframes. I tried with RenderObject::absolutePosition() but
it returns the position of the block containing an <a>, not of the link itself.

2) I added new values to FocusDirection and then we have only one public method
to move focus, but it just calls two different private methods based on the
direction. Is it better to have 2 different public methods?

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