[webkit-reviews] review requested: [Bug 12425] border-radius not applied to fieldset with legend : [Attachment 21867] Method two: using a clipping region

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Fri Jun 20 18:36:38 PDT 2008

Alex Taylor <darwin at milliamp.org> has asked  for review:
Bug 12425: border-radius not applied to fieldset with legend

Attachment 21867: Method two: using a clipping region

------- Additional Comments from Alex Taylor <darwin at milliamp.org>
This patch uses the alternate way of clipping the legend. It clips the region
where they legend will be displayed. 

This keeps the rendering consistent with the current case where there are no
border radii but adds support but calling the parent's "paintBoxDecorations"
method to follow the default code path but with a clipping region attached.

This uses a lot less code than the current way of drawing the pieces around the
legend and trying to not draw over the top of it. It also prevents code
duplication between drawing borders for a fieldset and for a generic object. 

As a side note, testing showed that this is consistent with how Firefox handles
the border radius + legend case on a fieldset.

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