[webkit-reviews] review denied: [Bug 14998] Full page zooming support : [Attachment 16218] Small changes to conform to coding style, general tidying up

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Fri Sep 7 13:08:31 PDT 2007

Oliver Hunt <oliver at apple.com> has denied George Wright
<george.wright at collabora.co.uk>'s request for review:
Bug 14998: Full page zooming support

Attachment 16218: Small changes to conform to coding style, general tidying up

------- Additional Comments from Oliver Hunt <oliver at apple.com>
Scaling the render region outside of the engine itself can cause also of
badness, especially with hit testing, region invalidation and what not.

I think you'd benefit from matching the WebView API from mac.

– canMakeTextLarger  
– makeTextLarger:  
– canMakeTextSmaller  
– makeTextSmaller:

Which would be on gtk WebView equivalent -- the Mac impl is kind of messy, look
at the windows ones as they do much less icky objc-fu.

makeTextSmaller/Larger are designed to allow buttons to be hooked up directly
-- i think that would mean you want them to be "slots"/"sockets" or whatever
the gtk name for something like that is.

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