[webkit-reviews] review requested: [Bug 15530] XMLHttpRequest should not support certain methods : [Attachment 17429] Patch + test case

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Wed Nov 21 03:41:02 PST 2007

Julien Chaffraix <julien.chaffraix at gmail.com> has asked  for review:
Bug 15530: XMLHttpRequest should not support certain methods

Attachment 17429: Patch + test case

------- Additional Comments from Julien Chaffraix <julien.chaffraix at gmail.com>
Other browsers' behaviour :

- IE7 does not support these methods so raise an exception (message: invalid

- Firefox raises a NS_ERROR_INVALID_ARG exception for track and trace (no
exception for connect)

- Opera does not raise any exception

The patch makes us raise a SECURITY_ERR for the 3 methods (IE's behaviour and
close to Firefox's).

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