[webkit-reviews] review requested: [Bug 14238] [S60]: Scrolling support for plugins : [Attachment 15138] Scroll support for plugin

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Wed Jun 20 06:44:37 PDT 2007

maheshK <mahesh.kulkarni at nokia.com> has asked Sachin Padma
<Sachin.Padma at nokia.com> for review:
Bug 14238: [S60]: Scrolling support for plugins

Attachment 15138: Scroll support for plugin

------- Additional Comments from maheshK <mahesh.kulkarni at nokia.com>
As discussed,

1) Added NPPVariable variable NPPVPluginFocusPosition 
2) Added two MPluginNotifier EPluginActivated and EPluginDeactivated
3) Added memeber function MoveWindow in CPluginWin class 

When plugin is activated browser cursor will be hidden. Plugin updates browser
with new position whenever it wants to move window. Browser takes offset value,
updates its own cursor position (cursor hidden) and scrolls.

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