[webkit-reviews] review cancelled: [Bug 13542] gdklauncher doesnt change URL in adress GTKEntry : [Attachment 17928] fix and add safe API

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Sun Dec 16 10:39:55 PST 2007

Luca Bruno <lethalman88 at gmail.com> has cancelled Luca Bruno
<lethalman88 at gmail.com>'s request for review:
Bug 13542: gdklauncher doesnt change URL in adress GTKEntry

Attachment 17928: fix and add safe API

------- Additional Comments from Luca Bruno <lethalman88 at gmail.com>
In the previous patch i duplicated the _frame_get_location (mine was
_frame_get_uri, would be this more gtk-y?).
Also i didn't add any uri-related API to the webview, as you can see in the
GtkLauncher the location is retrieved from the main frame.
Didn't add any property because other variables don't have any property.
Notice how get_location won't return a const string anymore.

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